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Basix Wrestling Promotions is very proud of its junior wrestlers. These youngsters have dedicated themselves to their craft and train religiously every week as well as keeping up with their schooling.

We're confident that one day wrestling fans across the globe will be tuning in to watch "superstars" who got their start with Basix Wrestling Promotions. The youngsters pictured below have reached a level of ability where they can safely and impressively perform at live events.


BBCs Children In Need - Exhibition Show Team - November 2018

Christmas Jr. Event - Exhibition Show Team - December 2011

BBCs Comic Relief - Exhibition Show Team - March 2015

* * * NEW FOR 2023 * * *



This is our new session offered for those between 8 - 13 years of age.

Training in offered in SAFE and FUN environment!

These sessions offer youngsters the chance to learn aspects of Professional Wrestling whilst improving:

*Health and Fitness,

* Self Confidence.

* Self Defense Skills

* Agility and Stamina

* Team Work

And much more!

Sessions are £10 per person.

Spaces are limited so contact us today to book your space!